Global Trading Sales

2018-11-26 Shiqi Dist, Zhongshan 6 3000~18000

Major Responsibilities:

-Implement the company's trading business and trading procedures, develop the new markets;

-Contact customers online, prepare quotations, participate in business negotiations, and sign contracts;

-Responsible for document review, customs clearance, settlement, after-sales service, etc.

-Develop and maintain the customers;

-Organize relevant information of the business and report related business work in time.Our company has a mature CRM customer relationship management system, which greatly improve your work efficiency.


-Accept excellent graduates, but need to be confident enough about your English;

-Familiar with trade operation procedures, related laws and regulations, with expertise in trade field;

-Well in English and good at computer skills;

-Have good business development skills and negotiation skills, with strong public relations awareness, strong professionalism, teamwork spirit and independent ability, be brave in pioneering and innovating.

Electronics Engineer

2018-08-28 Shiqi Dist, Zhongshan 2 3500~15000

Major Responsibilities:

- Complete electronic design of products according to project development and control process, Including requirements analysis, implementation analysis and schematic design, device selection, Layout, debugging, verification and follow up production.


- More than 2 years of experience in 3C products (computer, communication, consumer electronics) or electronics development experience in home appliances;

- Learning majors should be related to electronics, automation, communication engineering and so on, require a college degree or above;

- With a good theoretical foundation of electronic circuits, proficient in the analysis and design of digital circuits, and understand analog circuits;

- Have good ability of circuit debugging and test verification, the test model can be built to guide the test;

- Skilled in using design tools such as Autium, familiar with electronic product development and production processes;

- Tight thinking, rigorous work and a spirit of research;Strong sense of responsibility and ability to withstand pressure.

Structural engineer

2018-08-28 Shiqi Dist, Zhongshan 2 4000~6500

Major Responsibilities:

- Participate in or assist in product project feasibility project design;

- Participate in or assist in the draw up structural design scheme and project plans;

- Detailed design of the whole machine structure and components;

- Undertake the development of the prototype, commissioning and the preparation of related technical documents;

- Responsible for product follow-up and improvement;

- Responsible for handling structural design issues and provide technical support.


- Familiar with the processing technology and manufacturing of plastic molds and metal molds;

- Good at structural design and packaging design of electronic products (Preferably power products);

- Proficiency in software such as PRO/E, CAD, Coreldraw, etc;

- Familiar with heat flow analysis will be a priority;

- More than 2 years experience in structural design of electronic products (preferably computer and mobile peripheral accessories).

Network promoter

2018-08-28 Shiqi Dist, Zhongshan 2 3000~6500

Major Responsibilities:

- Responsible for the operation of the main account of Alibaba International Station and the management of the official website and optimization ranking;

- Manage the search ranking of Alibaba International Station and official website;

- Responsible for the overall operation, planning and promotion of the Alibaba International Station store and official website, to improve product exposure and click through rate;

- Analyze and optimize website keywords to propose relevant optimization solutions and execute them effectively;

- In charge of website internal and external chain construction. Simultaneously, responsible for website traffic, weights, etc;

- Integrate the use of online channels to promote the company's websites and products, such as forums, blogs, news, information, etc;

- Monitor competitors and other websites and study relative strategies, cater to search engines to optimize the structure of our website, and propose reasonable website adjustment suggestions around optimization;

- Charge of the maintenance of external links on the website, find out the common ways to get outside links, such as website directories, blogs, forums, bookmarks, search engine product promotions, etc.Meantime, need to adjust and optimize the promotion strategy in time.


- More than two years of website promotion experience or success stories are preferred;

- Understand the major search engine optimization techniques and be proficient in using a variety of conventional SEO software;

- Well in search information and editing, good writing skills and communication skills;

- Strong data analysis ability, can effectively analyze relevant promotion data on a regular basis;

- Good at communication, with good teamwork awareness, strong execution ability and innovation ability, etc.

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