Birth of Pogo Pin

2020-02-11 00:49:46 Linda Lee

        Pogo English literal translation is the meaning of the seesaw, Pin is usually a small object with a pointer. The Pogo pin is a flexible small needle with a spring, referred to as a spring pin. More than 20 years ago, HP designed the first pogo pin, and registered the trademark. It is used in the printer designed by HP to make the signal connection between the board and the board, which reduces the trouble of cable connection and makes the connection simpler. The internal circuit is cleaner and fresher.

        HytePro® Pogo Pin pogo pins look like a simple part, but without a good quality control and a perfect manufacturing process, it is very prone to power loss and card pin, or durability (lifetime). Too short a problem. The process is extremely delicate and complex, from lathe processing, electroplating, assembly, each process may bring serious hidden dangers.

        For HytePro® Pogo pin lathe processing, it is recommended to use Japanese automatic core lathe processing, so that the precision of the parts can be guaranteed within +/-0.01mm, and most factories use the cutter. There is absolutely no guarantee of accuracy. Second, the surface finish of lathe processing, especially the inner surface finish of the needle tube, is critical. Most factories do not have surface roughness testing equipment and do not regulate this important parameter at all.

        In the HytePro® Pogo pin plating process, the thickness of the coating has a great impact on the cost. The good quality gold plating is 16~20u", but most other brands are 1~2u". . Secondly, the quality of gold plating in the hole has a great influence on the electrical properties (dynamic impedance) and mechanical properties of the product.

        The HytePro® Pogo pin assembly process is equally important. Poor assembly process can cause the needle to be skewed, the gap between the needle height and length is too large, the card Pin, the peeling of the nozzle and other serious problems

        HytePro® pogo pin is a precision connector used in electronic products such as mobile phones. It is widely used in semiconductor devices to connect.

        It has a different appearance depending on the application, but the pogo pin has a precision spring structure inside. The surface of the product is generally gold-plated, and the unit price is generally from 5 to 1 piece.

        The thimble is energized or turned on, and most of it is in contact with the copper wall obliquely downward, and the spring bears a small amount, so the inner wall of the copper sleeve is required to be smooth. If the POGOPIN factory is made of non-beveled surface, but the bottom is flat, most of the current will be conducted through the spring, and the requirements for the spring will be high. Of course, it is necessary to ensure that the power is suddenly increased when the current suddenly increases. (This is a little bit of my experience in the actual use process)

        HytePro® Pogo pin is a spring-loaded probe formed by the three basic components of the needle, spring and needle tube, which are pre-stressed by precision instruments. The internal probe has a precise spring structure. The surface coating of HytePro® pogo pin is generally gold plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical properties and electrical performance. HytePro® Pogo pin is used in precision connections in mobile phones, communications, automotive, medical, aerospace and other electronic products to improve the corrosion resistance, stability and durability of these connectors. Since the HytePro® pogo pin is a very fine probe, it can be used in precision connectors to reduce the weight of the connector and the volume of the appearance, which makes the connector more beautiful and beautiful.


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