Best design usb 3.1 type c cable support OEM

2020-02-10 22:54:36 Linda Lee

HytePro® have been concerned about the computer peripheral digital products market, we will be based on market dynamics research and development of new products available.

For example: 

HytePro® USB-C interface products is compatible with USB3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1, and also unique process to make the USB-C cable more valuable, so that the product more cost-effective, for the type C USB 3.1 connector,we use the conductor which support load current 2.4A/M, welding process using 180 degrees UV glue melting and baking fixed, PVC with braided jacket can support about 9KG (90N) of the pulling force , aluminum shell treat with sand surface treatment and embedded molding, it will not fall off.

The USB-C cable will make customers enjoy the best value, durable, unique design of the product.


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