Pogo Pin Product Specification

2020-02-11 00:22:57 Linda Lee

1.0 Overview

This specification defines the general performance parameters and test requirements for the Pogo pin family of products.

2.0 Requirements:

2.1 Dimensions

The dimensions correspond to the product drawings.

2.2 Materials and plating

The body is a brass alloy, and the nickel-plated outer layer is covered with a gold-plated layer. The thickness of the nickel layer and the gold-plated layer varies depending on the application, but the nickel layer needs to be larger than 60 uin and the gold plating is larger than 4 uin.

Plunger is a brass alloy. The outer surface of the nickel-plated nickel-plated layer is covered with gold. The thickness of the nickel layer and the gold-plated layer are different depending on the application. However, the nickel layer needs to be larger than 60uin and the gold plating is larger than 16uin.

Spring is stainless steel, but also can be electroplated steel wire. Plastic is high temperature nylon plus 30% glass fiber.

3.0 parameters

3.1 Continuous operating current: less than 2.5A

3.2 Working voltage: less than 36V@25°C

3.3 Service life: more than 10,000 times

3.4 Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C 90% R.H.Max.

3.5 Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C 90% R.H.Max.

4.0 Electrical performance

4.1 Contact resistance: Dynamic contact resistance during working stroke: less than 30 milliohms

4.2 Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance with plastic for one minute at 500V DC or AC Insulation resistance > 100MΩ

4.3 Withstand voltage: 500 VAC 1 minute Maximum leakage current 0.3mA

5.0 Mechanical properties

5.1 Positive force: Working point is greater than 60gf

5.2 Retention: 0.5kgf/pin

5.3 Durability: 10,000 spring forces remain within range

5.4 Vibration resistance: 15 minutes 10~500HZ Vibration frequency, 1.2mm amplitude, no more than 1μ sec. Power failure, contact resistance < 100mOhm.

6.0 Environmental performance

6.1 Thermal shock: -40°C/30Min. 85°C/30Min. 100 cycles Contact resistance < 100 mOhm No appearance damage

6.2 Temperature and humidity resistance: 90% R.H., 60°C, 500hours after temperature and humidity test Insulation resistance >100MOhm, contact resistance < 100mOhm. No appearance damage

6.3 Salt spray test: 5% salt solution for 48 hours without rust.

6.4 Solderability test: 260+5/-0°C 5+0/-0.5 Second Wet weld coverage is over 95%.

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