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Q:How to choose a magnetic connector?


The operation of a magnetic connector can affect the function of the entire device, and a suitable electromagnetic connector can achieve a multiplier effect. So how do you choose a suitable electromagnetic connector? We can consider the following related aspects:

First➡the magnetic connector type

        What to connect, where to use, etc. are the first considerations, which determines the type of industrial magnetic connector chosen. The location where the magnetic connector is used (indoor, outdoor, corrosive environment, etc.) can affect whether the air plug is to be sealed or shielded from the insulative housing. The type of magnetic connector determines which terminal (Termina) to use and how many conductive terminals to arrange. Of course, this also involves some reference to the terminal technology.

Second➡ electrical requirements

        When selecting an electromagnetic connector, consider the electrical requirements of the product. What kind of voltage and current requirements are there for the product, and whether the magnetic connector can be used well in such electrical properties, these questions about electrical requirements need to be considered. In addition, we also need to consider other electrical conditions: resistance, allowable resistance change, millivolt drop, maximum current value, maximum voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), plug Pulling loss and EMI shielding efficiency.

Third➡the environmental requirements

        Temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions are determined by the location of the electromagnetic connector, so the location and expected environment should be considered. And the shelf life of other relevant storage conditions and what the information is. The description of the environment should also cover requirements for shock and vibration, including requirements for shipping and environmental conditions such as welding temperature and duration of the welding cycle. The manufacturer of magnetic connectors says that around the confluent continuous current guided by the magnetic connector is the area where the highest temperature is generated.

Fourth➡mechanical performance requirements

        What kind of volume and footprint is effective for the magnetic connector; what is the allowable dimensional tolerance; what is the insertion and pull-out force of the terminal; the durability of the magnetic connector (plug and pull fit) Frequency) How these factors are considered when selecting an electromagnetic connector. For example, for printed circuit boards, it is important to determine the tolerance of the board. It is the critical value of the card edge connection and the feasibility of reaching criticality. For low power circuits, the plating and underlying materials must be specified to be consistent with the signal standard and environmental rating.


        Magnetic connector manufacturers can use approximately 25 test mechanisms (specified specifications) as a source of all or part of their magnetic connector's test specifications. Appropriate test specifications must be considered for specific application scenarios, including internationally accepted.

Q:Applications of HytePro® Magnetic Connector?


    - Smart wearable products: smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, Bluetooth headsets, smart gloves, VR

    - 3C consumer products: tablet PC, electronic lock, electric car, smart water glass, mobile phone

    - Medical industry: handheld ECG, medical equipment, beauty equipment, hearing aids, sphygmomanometers, heart rate monitors

    - Smart devices: sensors, handheld devices, drones, intelligent robots, in-vehicle devices

Q:How to customize PCB products?


    - Customers need to communicate the requirements or design, we will quote according to your functional requirements and electrical requirements or the complexity of the schematic and PCB related design requirements.

    - Please provide complete design information and related requirements, such as schematic, PCB board size, layer number, component package, etc. before design.

    - If you need to design a schematic, you need to provide the relevant chip data, design block diagram, and functional requirements. Relevant information needs to be communicated in detail to determine.

    - After the design is completed, we will send the relevant drawings and materials to you via email or WeChat.

    Simple drawings are generally delivered in 2-5 days. If there are special functions or PCB layout requirements, detailed communication and negotiation are required. If there is an urgent request, it must be submitted in advance.

    If there are repeated modifications in the design process, it is necessary to re-negotiate.

    About the Logo, the PCBs we produce will be printed with the corresponding part number. If need to remove the logo, MOQ needs to be 5000. When the MOQ reaches 10,000, we also can print your logo according to your needs.

    Detailed PCB customization process: communication negotiation and providing information➡data review➡payment➡start design➡mid-way design coordination➡design preliminary completion➡Drawing Confirmation➡Details Modification➡Complete Design➡Arrange Proofing➡delivering samples➡sample confirmation➡mass production.

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