Professional PCB assembly design manufacturer

2020-02-11 00:22:57 James Chen

HytePro® have built a professional PCB design engineer team on 1st. May 2017, we can undertake the PCB layout design and development solution and product manufactured as following,

The customized board of USB 2.0 & 3.0 data transfer hub, PD hub, fast Charger hub, customized AC to DC adapter PCB board design and manufacture.

The ultrasonic beauty device’s whole scheme design and manufacture.

The hot and cold spray beauty device’s whole scheme design and production manufacture.

The spa bed beauty equipment’s PCB design and assembly manufacture.

The revolving stage lights’ PCBA design solution.

The laser driver’s PCBA design and manufacture.

The Bluetooth speaker’s PCBA design and manufacture.

We undertake and develop the PCB circuit diagram design project, we can do it meet more customers’ requirement, and according to customers’ requirement, to realize the functionality with HytePro® ’s experience.

Through our profession to meet the customers’ core requires of PCB board and also show out our value.


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