• Best design usb 3.1 type c cable support OEM


    Best design usb 3.1 type c cable support OEM

    HytePro® USB-C interface products is compatible with USB3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1, and also unique process to make the USB-C cable more valuable, so that the product more cost-effective, for the type C USB 3.1 connector,we use the conductor which support load current 2.4A/M...

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  • USB Hub and USB Charger Circuit pcb board


    USB Hub and USB Charger Circuit pcb board

    An USB hub gives users more convenience by giving them multiple ports that they can connect their devices to. It’s very common to see these ports embedded in other devices like computers,charging station, although sometimes they are made as individual devices....

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  • How does a USB Hub work?


    How does a USB Hub work?

    An Usb hub is a modern equipment which basically made for the computers, monitors, keyboard, or printer. Usb hub means a Universal Serial Bus port which helps you to connect with a host system. There are too many types of Usb hubs in the market. Some physically separate usb has a variety such as an external box which is same as an Ethernet or network hub and you need to connect it with a long cable to get a proper connection. If you want a direct plugged USB port, then choose a small design...

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  • What is the Magnetic Connectors and its application


    What is the Magnetic Connectors and its application

    Magnetic connectors are basically designed to serve various conventional features such as vibration resistance, LAN & RF connections. In addition to this it offers huge number of mating cycles. The magnificent feature of this magnetic connector is its tear-away function, which averts damage to the application of the device by the unintended disconnection....

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